These are the physical locations of the local bodies of the Temple of the Silver Star, however, we also offer distance-learning opportunities.

Distance-learning Opportunities

The Academic Track of TOTSS is available to anyone anywhere in the world right now, because largely the instructions can be done via web conferences, besides the traditional Campuses and Study Groups. This is not an initiatory experience — we use web conferences for individual instructors to meet with their individual students, or to present webinars for students around the world. For students who are interested in the work of TOTSS, but can't travel, or those who simply prefer to work in a solitary way, the Academic Track provides foundational training that can be of great help later on the path — for example, to make the most out of their work in the A∴A∴.

In the Initiatory Track there is a category of membership known as “At-Large” which allows those living far from a local body, or for whom there are other constraints on attendance, the opportunity to experience our training system. The curriculum for At-Large members is exactly the same as for Active members. In-person attendance is still required for your own initiations and advancements, as well as certain processes that require testing in the presence of your Temple Chiefs. If you can travel to one of our Temples at least once per year, At-Large membership might work well for you.